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Compounders: Impove High/Low Viscosity Mixing Efficiency," Plastics Technology Oct. Further, the mixer design inherently can be scaled to different sizes, such as between a one-half inch diameter up to inlet diameters of 10 inches or more, while maintaining the mixing efficiency under laminar flow

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Aug 17,  · The Ross Double Planetary Mixer is used for precision mixing, granulation and vacuum drying, along with rugged applications requiring a high degree of torque. Patented high viscosity blades work in tandem to knead and mix from a vertical orientation, augmented by large shafts and bearing spreads, a suitable combination for tough-to-mix

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High viscosity mixers are designed to provide the shear needed to break agglomerates and the flow necessary to provide a homogenous mix. DisperseTech offers multi-shaft, double planetary, and planetary centrifugal mixers to provide the correct blend of both shear and flow.


SCREW DESIGN BASICS The Processor Point Of View Andrew W. Christie – High Viscosity & Shear Rate – Large Solid Interface with Barrel – Small Channel Width. Gregory (Egan) Mixer • Dispersive – high shear over barrier • Distribution – splits & recombines flow

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New South Florida Location! Offices in Miami, Jacksonville and Bartow Learn More Positive Displacement Fluid Handling Your Source For Mixing Equipment Service and Repair Our trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to service and repair equipment from the leading manufacturers. Learn More Your Source For Internal Gear Pumps Temperature Range-120°F to +800°F (-85°C to +430°C

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High Viscosity Mixers. 1-800-243-ROSS [email protected] Double Planetary Mixer. This is especially true among heavy-duty mixers capable of mixing viscosities from 50,000 to 8 million cps (centipoise). Call 1-631-234-0500 or Email to obtain additional information.

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Analytical Probes. We offer a full line of pH, ORP, Free Chlorine, Conductivity, and Ion Specific Probes. Application available for In-Line, Submersible, Toroidal, Loop Powered, 4-20mA, Fixed and Detachable Leads. Please choose a product to learn more: Conductivity.

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Mixing Theory • Process Design of Agitators. Impeller Diameter Tank Diameter Impeller Rotational Speed Liquid Level Height Fluid Viscosity Fluid • Total cost of ownership is lower than traditional rotating mixers. • Design flexibility to match your needs • Can retrofit top or bottom entry mixers.

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Our high shear mixers cost-effective. The benefits are simple, compact design, easy to set up and virtually maintenance-free construction. With more than 25 years of experience in the food mixing industry, we know that mixers should be flexible when it comes to restructuring production, based on

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High Viscosity Mixing Paddles Extra-robust stirring paddle for finished mortar, finished plaster, floor compounds, refractory cements, insulating materials and quartz-filled epoxy resin. For all CS Unitec mixers; order 14mm male thread paddles Paddles with 1/2" Hex Shank available for standard drill

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In order to obtain a perfect final result and to deposate an accurate glue quantity, a mixing and injection machine seems to be important to process high viscosity products - two components (base and hardener): A and B. Isojet Equipements offers mixing and injection machines with static mixer for Bonding and Sealing.

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the mixer is a fly-ash injection system, which is intended to permit greater control over the water/solid ratio of the paste, without compromising workability. Modelling techniques employed to conduct the steady state analyses include multiple frame of

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STATIC MIXERS. Static mixers / inline mixers are installed in the piping sections in applications wherein continuous mixing is desired. Applications are mixing variety of fluids with lower viscosity. Our static mixers have an efficiency helical mixing element which is removable type, enveloped in a pipe casing.

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High viscosity mixer - VISCOMIX. INOXPA's 'ViscoMix' equipment is intended for production of highly viscous products. The tank is provided with counter-blades to promote mixing of the viscous media. Its design permits operating under pressure and in vacuum. The tank is jacketed for product heating.

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High End Systems. State-of-the-art performance lighting and control tools for the entertainment High End Systems fixtures pioneered the advancement of automated lighting technology. With tools designed for programming efficiency and an extensive range of consoles and accessories, all Hog 4


Product name. HIGH-VISCOSITY MIXER_Bottom Type (TOOTHPASTE). Certification. - category. For production of toothpastes, this system consists of a dispersion mixer, a paddle mixer, a scrapper mixer, and a circulation mixer Hydraulic Unit. Driving Parts: Inverter Control Temperature control.

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Jaygo is a supplier of quality Double Arm Mixers and Mixer Extruders designed to mix, blend, disperse, and knead high and very high viscosity products. Double Arm Mixers include two mixing blades, normally "Sigma" shaped, but also available in "Dispersion", or "Double Nobbin" shapes.

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High solidity hydrofoil design recommended for high viscosity blending applications: • High efficiency wide bladed impeller design with high flow/power ratio • Improved axial flow at low Reynolds numbers (N re < 500) reduces power requirements up to 50% over a

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Multi-shaft mixers are used to mix medium to high-viscosity or poor-flowing materials. The close tolerance between the low-speed sweeping blade and The high-speed blade will reduce particles, disperse them throughout the material and blend them all together. Variable speed control provides

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Ross High Viscosity Disperser. Leading the Mixing Industry for over 160 years. the Ross High Viscosity Disperser is an economical single shaft mixer which is specially designed to system for use with different size mix vessels, air/oil hydraulic lift system including hand/foot controls, stainless

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Stainless integrated bearing frame for small tanks where space is limited, closed tank mounts, Direct drives 870RPM-3450RPM, gear ratios from 240 to 875 RPM, power from 1/3HP-2HP. PHD / PHG. Compact light weight servo driven mixer, small tank applications, gear ratios from 100 to 600 RPM, power from 1/8HP-1/4HP. AX.

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For example, the mixer in Fig. 1, operating at 100 revolutions per minute (rpm) in a fluid with a 1.1 specific gravity and a 150-centipoise (cp) viscosity, will create a mixing intensity of about 3.5 for liquid blending.

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Viscometers and Controllers. Accurate viscosity monitoring and control tools to assure consistency and reliability in printing, coating, adhesive, and sealer High frequency vibrational viscosity and temperature sensor. Intrinsically safe. Designed for use in printing, coating and industrial applications.

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Tetra Pak® High Shear Mixer - Batch unit B200-100VA Subject: The batch unit enables high-shear mixing of high viscosity products, dissolving powder ingredients, such as pectin, gums and sweeteners, and mixing concentrates, such as sweetened condensed milk. Created Date: 20200806000052Z

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Manually control and monitor mixing. Also known as direct-drive mixers, they operate at high speeds for rapid turnover. Use them to mix liquids with a viscosity similar to water and light oils. Adjust mixing speed with the needle valve. Mixers have a removable shaft and a built-in propeller.